I have built Innovation Labs in organizations for the last 20 years, from startups to Fortune 25 companies.

Hi there, my name is Kevin, and thanks for visiting this site. I assume if you are here that you are looking to increase innovation in your organization. I will use the term “organization” on this site very broadly, as the advice I am sharing applies to companies of all sizes.

Here are some quick career highlights:

  • Started three startups either as a founder or co-founder.
  • Brought several new innovative products to market, many of which achieved successful product market fit.
  • Achieved a successful exit for one of those startups via acquisition.
  • Founded five different Innovation Lab departments in corporations ranging in size from Fortune 25 to Fortune 500, each with multi-million dollar annual budgets.
  • Grew one of those departments to a full fledged corporate subsidiary, selling our inventions worldwide, with global sales and deployments in every continent except Antarctica.
  • As an Innovation Consultant I have worked with companies of all sizes to increase their innovation throughput and to bring new game-changing products to market.

The techniques I have learned over the last 20 years are repeatable and can be applied to your organization – I am positive of that.

I also offer consulting services. Visit the Contact page to reach out if interested.