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How CEOs and Presidents Win the Job Interview.

The secret of C-suite job interviewing is now released in it's third edition and available to all job seekers., 10/11/2013 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Chicago, Illinois – 10/11/13 – Announcing the release of the new edition of The Peak Interview. The 3rd edition of The Peak Interview contains all the original insights along with new tools and techniques you can use to get that all-important competitive advantage in the job interview.

In the job interview, the traditional activity “is focused on features and benefits. You are encouraged to trumpet your skills, abilities, competencies, experience and education and therefore what benefits you can bring to the job. While these things play a role in qualifying you, they are not what differentiate you. The key to winning the interview is something different.” The hiring decision is fundamentally an emotional one. You must create the right emotional experience for the hiring manager to win the interview and get the job.

How CEOs and Presidents Win the Job Interview.

"I highly recommend The Peak Interview - you won't find this material anywhere else. This book was used in my preparation and planning for a series of interviews that resulted in my landing an opportunity as president of a logistics provider.” P.M.

“I do believe that the tips & techniques I applied during my last interview are what resulted in a job offer rather than just "another good interview". I have encouraged ALL my friends presently in transition to take the time to read The Peak Interview.” A.R.

For the past 2 years, CEOs and C-suite executives have been landing new jobs using The Peak Interview techniques. Now a new edition of author Bill Burnett’s poplular book is being released which includes all the original insights along with a handful of new tools and techniques for winning the job interview.

About Bill Burnett

Bill Burnett has spent much of his career doing business around the world. He has lived in 7 countries and has worked with local teams in over 65 countries. Bill possesses a wealth of experience driving change and innovation across multiple cultures simultaneously. He has extensive background in financial services having run global operations and strategic initiative implementations for Diners Club International, as well as worked for Citigroup, Bank of America, PNC, Bell Helicopter, and the US Forest Service. He is a co-Founder of Tailwind Discovery Group and of THNK. Currently he co-manages the only company in the world that guarantees that 100% of your employees will be fully engaged. He can be reached at:

The  book is available at:

Can behavior be changed?

The other day I asked a CEO how he would categorize the type of employees he had based on their value to the company.  At first he started to talk about roles; the sales force, the operations group, etc.  But then he stopped himself.  “That’s not it.” he said.  “Everyone has a role, and it’s not the role that makes one person more valuable than another.  After all, every one of our jobs is, in its own way, essential to our success.”  

Then, he looked at me intently and said, “The truth is, most of our employees deliver at, or near, 100% of the goals we set for them.  And they work pretty hard to do that.  But, when I think about it, most of them have their heads down.  They don’t stick their necks out.  At the end of their work day, when they step out of our doors, they stop thinking about the job.”  He shrugged, then scratched his chin thoughtfully.  “But then there are a minority of our people who approach the work differently.  They never stop thinking about the job.  They’re good at problem solving.   More important than that though, these folks seem to have a passion for going out and looking for problems and opportunities to leverage.  These are, by far, my most valuable employees!”

We talked a bit about these employees and how valuable they are and I asked him how he would feel if all his employees performed at that level.  “Well, I’d feel great, of course, but it’ll never happen.  In every company, I think, most people are just showing up and doing the job.  Perhaps it’s human nature to sit back and let those who would carry the ball carry it.    I think it’s a behavior that would be very hard to change.”

The CEO is wrong about this.  Behavior, it turns out, is quite easy to change.  All you have to do is define the behavior you want and ban the behavior that gets in the way, and then be diligent with accountability.

Are there any companies where virtually all employees are performing at the superior level.  Yes, we know of companies where all employees are engaged at this level.  What separates these companies from their peers is more than their astonishing level of success.  What really distinguishes these companies is how they operate.  

Companies like Morning Star Company, The Valve Corporation and SEMCO in Brazil all operate using a reporting structure most CEOs would find fascinating.  There’s no hierarchy.  That’s the obvious difference.  However, it disguises the real difference.  These companies operate using an accountability methodology that leverage Peer-2-Peer accountability.

How does this impact operations? To answer that question all we have to do is look at any of these companies.  Take Morning Star for example.  They process tomatoes in California.  The company got started less than 25 years ago and grew organically.  The tomato processing business has been around for far longer than 20 years.  Morning Star entered a highly competitive, very mature industry.  How did they fair?  Well today they dominate the industry, and with a 40% share of the market, they are the largest in the world.

It is one thing to start a company with no hierarch and quite another thing to take a company with a hierarchy and deliver the kind of operating performance that Morning Star enjoys.  It turns out to be a very tough problem.  We love tough problems and this is one we’ve solved.  Behavioral Advantage enables you to keep your hierarchy but get the key operating structure  of Peer-to-Peer Accountability that drives the great performance of companies like Morning Star.

Let us show you how this works.  It works so well that we do everything we can to make it as risk-free for you as possible.  We let you see it work in a microcosm of your company before you invest a lot of time or money in the effort.  Call us at 847.219.2285 and we’ll tell you all about it.

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