Jim Collins described the "What" in his book Good to Great:  The "What" is the set of distinguishing characteristics that great Level 5 Leaders brought into their companies.  Unfortunately, we're missing the "How".  We have a natural tendency to love intricate and sophisticated approaches to tough problems.  But we know from experience that simple solutions always work best.  If you want to have a great company, you're better off with a set of simple, tried and true tools to get you there...but the solution is unlike anything you've seen before.

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The What
Behavioral Advantage is the "How" to Jim Collins' "What".  Leadership, Structure, Behavior, and Accountability get you to "Good".  Context and Motivation get you to "Great".

Discipline and Endurance.

Behavioral Advantage Model Anyone who's ever worked in a large company has experienced the diet phenomenon when it comes to some change initiative.  It's the appearance of a gaggle of consultants who show up, teach employees a bunch of stuff. For a while after the consultants are gone everyone does what the consultants taught them. But, after some time the whole initiative has somehow disappeared.  People are back to their old behavior.

Diets don't endure.  Lifestyle change does endure.

Behavioral Advantage™ implements a methodology that turns all employees into great employees.  Using tried and tested tools, it addresses the keys to driving employee and business success.

Behavioral Advantage™ is a lifestyle change for a business.  Click here to read more.


How to Book

Most business books tell you what your company should be doing; have great meetings, rationalize prices, cut costs, engage your workers, etc.  Only a handful of business books tell you how to do what they recommend.  Behave! is a how-to book.  It is all about how you dig into your workforce to get the hidden value in every employee.

See the Abstract for the book here.

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The motivation model we use in Behavioral Advantage is called AIMS.  It is a needs based motivational model.  AIMS is an acronym standing for Appetites, Identity, Meaning, and Sex (although we actually mean 'Relationships').  We use the model both for employee motivation, and customer motivation.

Here is a excerpt from the book Behave! on the motivator Identity.AIMS_Identity.pdf 4.0 MB

We also use the AIMS model when consulting with clients with how these psychological insights might help them reach their customers, whether its message, product, or relationship.  Here is a fun way to use some old commercials to get a better understanding of the insights.  AIMSPart1.pdf
509.9 KB

Below is an excerpt from a talk given by Captain David Marquet in which he lays out how he implemented a methodology with many of the same characteristics of Behavioral Advantage. We recognize there are differences between running a weapons system that operates in a naturally inhospitable and dangerous environment where it's not about innovation, customers, and competitors, but more about doing the same thing over and over again with extraordinary consistency and expertise.  But clearly, treating people like adults and giving them the autority to do their jobs as they've  defined the know-how, gets great results:  His submarine got the highest inspection score of any submarine in the US Navy history.                
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